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What makes us different

The stability of your homes at times of natural disasters, such as an earthquake, is determined by its foundation. Basically, the home foundation bears all the load of your house beneath the soil to avoid settlement at any cost. This also means that water problems and soil shifting could make your home foundation weak. In this case, you need new home foundation and repair services. When it comes to offering new home foundation and repair services, we are second to none. We have the solutions and experience you need to make your house a safe place for you.


Home Foundation And Repair

We know you need an optimal solution to make your new home foundation strong as ever. That is why we render different types of new home foundation and repair services. The methods we use are tested and engineered in such a way that they provide high-end results and solutions to the troubled homeowners. We use various tools and steel pipe systems in every new home foundation repair project that provides a great range of applications in one way or another.

Our Services

Some (not all) of our services include:

Interior Floor Repair

If you have a failing foundation, it can cause big interior floor cracking and sagging. This creates tripping hazards in your own house. If you are noticing issues with your floors, it means that your foundation is failing and you need our new home foundation and repair services.

We use efficient tools, such as steel chimes to overcome the problem of cracking and sagging in floors. However, you would need to change them over a specific course of time. We are here to help you with changing them every few years.

Leaning Chimney Repair

A leaning chimney indicated that either your house is facing structural damage or your home foundation is weakening. We use helical piles that are ideal for repairing a leaning or falling chimney. We would ensure that the house chimney won’t tear apart and would remain upright in the exact same position that we leave it in.

Concrete Slab Repair

To support homes, even more, slab-on home foundations are used as it efficiently falls and rises with the shifting soils. Hence, resisting the foundation to collapse. If you have a slab-on foundation in your home but it isn’t bearing any more pressure, you need to have it repaired from us.

Seawall and Retaining Wall Repair

We are a team of licensed repair specialists that would do anything in their power to offer your cutting-edge new home foundation and repair solutions to safeguard your residential or commercial property.

We do not only add piles for falling retained walls but also provide solutions to prevent soil erosion that eventually causes seawall.

Multi-Family Residence

If you are the manager of a multi-family residence, you need to keep them safe under the roof. However, if that residential building’s foundation is weakening day by day, you need professional help. We can incorporate helical pipes in your home foundation to improve the stability of your home.

New Home Foundation And Repair